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Guiding us through change: Indigenous Birthwork with Aspen Mirabal

December 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 14
Indigenae Podcast
Guiding us through change: Indigenous Birthwork with Aspen Mirabal
Show Notes

Taos Pueblo Doula Aspen Mirabal joins us for a conversation about birth equity, decolonizing birthing spaces, and supporting our birthing relatives. She shares her journey in birth work and talks about the unique role of doulas in re-matriating cultural traditions and ancestral birthing practices.

Aspen Mirabal is the eldest of three daughters from Taos Pueblo. Aspen currently resides in Taos, but spends most of her days on the Pueblo. Professionally, Aspen is a trained and certified birth keeper for Northern New Mexico, serving Native and non-Native families as a community-based doula. Aspen is a student midwife with the desire to provide access to Indigenous midwifery care while reintroducing the ritualistic customs of full-spectrum birth work to her community of Taos Pueblo. You may find Aspen working as a Family Support Specialist with Tiwa Babies Home Visiting Program, serving all of Taos County Monday through Friday, or after hours representing the New Mexico Doula Association— or of course, at a birth.


Tewa Women United:
Yiya-vi-kagingdi Doula-Project:
Changing Woman Initiative:
Center for Indigenous Midwifery:
Tiwa Babies Home Visiting Program:
Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective Live with Indigenous Lactation Consultants Camie Jae Goldhammer and Kim Moore-Salas:
Taos Chapter of the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force:
National Native Children’s Trauma Center:

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